Upi Sandhu

I am a professional Beauty, Portrait and Fashion photographer/retoucher from London, England. I began shooting at the age of 18 after I worked as a sales assistant at a local camera shop. It wasn't until I actually picked up a camera that I realised how powerful an image could actually be. Studying fine art in secondary school also made the progression to photography a very natural one. I began by shooting anything that I could point my camera at. Eventually I found my focus and decided to learn all about portrait photography. I learnt very quickly that you never stop learning! 

Apart from shooting and retouching I have also recently become a doctor after studying at University College London for the last 7 years. I owe a great deal to photography for keeping me from the depths of medical school induced insanity. I hope this gives you a little insight into my life and my aspirations!

Feel free to connect with me via the various social media or by email :)


University College London, The Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases, Plain Chaos, Sky Television, Sound Women, The BRCA Protect Research clinic, Asian Bride Magazine, UCL Institute for Global Health, The Lancet.